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'll be following this story throughout the afternoon. we also have full traffic updates on our website, >>> late word on the identities of the women who died in that limo fire over the weekend. the coroner has identified the fifth victim. the women couldn't escape. for the first time, speculation about what may have caused it. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is in alameda with more. >> reporter: we're learning more about the victims and many of them were mothers who are leaving behind young children including a 43-year-old woman from alameda. [ indiscernible ] she was the latest to be identified. i spoke with her family who says she was a nurse at kaiser. she leaves behind a 10-year- old, 12-year-old and husband. she was one of five who died in the limo fire that happened on saturday night. the bride neriza fojas, michelle estrera, jenni balon and anna alcantara. her mother says her heart hurts too much to speak publicly. these families are grieving. they are making funeral arrangements, a huge shock because on saturday night these women were going out to have some fun and celeb
in.. and outside the mcdonald's e hurt. kpix 5's don knapp just wrapped up an interview with police. don what's the latest. "..." now to our developing story. we're learning new details developing story... we're learning new details tonight about how one woman managedo escape this limo fire that killed five of her friends. she and three others are injured. the group was riding in theo on the san mateo bridge last night... on the way to a br shower. among those killed the bride. kpix 5's elissa harrington has the latest oe investigation... and how witnesses describe the scene. that burning limo video we' shown you came from a coupl >>> horrific deaths that we have seen. >>> among the dead, the bride. media reports say the 31-year- old from fresno was recently married but going to have a second ceremony in her native philippines. her surviving friends, all of the area women in their 30s and 40s, including mary grace. her neighbors spoke with us after her parents left to see her in the hospital. >> it is sad. investigators don't know what caused the fire. >> we don't know how it caught
and how to improve them. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec joins us live with the breakdown. >> reporter: here is the report. cost the city of oakland $250,000. it cites a lot of deficiencies in basic police work in the city known as the new robbery capital of the united states. oakland's top brass gathered at opd headquarters to talk about the so-called crime reduction project report that criticizes the past and looks toward the future. >> what's happened in this department is that they have been hit by a massive attrition over the last five years and they have been making adjustments along the way. some of them have been that well thought out. >> reporter: among the consultant's findings, crime scene investigators working without direct supervision and are disorganized. the report found problems with the digital photo file system saying it's so slow that officers rarely used it to find robbery suspects. and when officers collect fingerprints from burglary scenes, they rarely compare them to those found at other crime scenes. the same goes for analyzing shell casings. the report says officers
into flames on the san m mateo bridge. >>> first, six people have been shot at a mcdonald's restaurant. kpix5 don knapp is there with the latest information. >>> we are here at bay university. if you look across the street that is a mcdonald's restaurant where it occurred. now, when the police arrived on the scene they found six victims. two outside, you might be able to see the clothes on the ground and then four inside of the restaurant who were shot. not known where they were shot but that is where they ended up n. that group of people there was a 6-year-old or a 4-year- old child injured by glass and then other people who were shot. i just spoke with the chief ronald davis and he said that none of these injuries are life- threatening. all of the people have been taken to stanford hospital. we watched police dogs and officers chase down a man they thought was a suspect. had him up in the back of the car and then decided perhaps he was not at all related to the case. so that means we don't really know how many shooters there may have been. don't know who the shooters are and we don't have a
. good afternoon, everyone. i'm frame. >> i'm michelle griego. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is at oakland city hall where a news conference about the changes at the city's police department is about to happen. >> reporter: two days ago chief howard jordan stepped down and two days later his predecessor did the same thing. what's going on in the oakland police department? who anthony toribio took over he said it would be a transition he would get through. he will be stepping down to captain. looks like they will have to get through without anthony toribio as its leader. so who is taking over? now deputy chief sean whent is in hot seat. he says the department will continue with the progress the city of oakland is working on. >> capital toribio coupled with the plan -- captain toribio coupled with the plan hot off the presses we recently received with crime reduction and enforcement strategies will provide a path for achievable solutions and imminent progress on multiple levels for a crime compliance and continuing the progress the city of oakland department is working on. >>
. >>> this is kpix 5 news on the cw. >>> what was supposed to be a festive night for a new bride turns into tragedy as a limousine suddenly erupts into fire. how one womanaged to escape the flames that killed five of her friends. >> i feel shock. >> witness who videotaped the fire had no idea what they were actually seeing. how they reacted to the news of the tragedy. >>> good evening. i'm ana. a woman who just got marry second-degree among those who died when flames engulfed the back of a limb shooen late last night. the four women who managed to escape the flames are hospitalized. two are in critical condition and the driver escaped without injury. right now, what caused the fire in the back of the limb limo is still not known. the limo burst into flames around 10:00 ras night in the far right lane of westbound highway 92 just east of foster city. kpix 5 is at valley medical center in san jose with more information on one of the victims. don. >> two of the victims were brought here. of course, the other two were taken to stanford. we've been talking with some of the medical and
>>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >>> my mommy is happy now. she's already in heaven. >> there was so many names. >> we are learning more about the women who died in a burn limo, and why they couldn't escape. >> we start with the latest on the limousine fire that killed five members of a wedding party. today, the chp says that limo was over loaded and no quick or easy answers in an investigation that is expected to take several weeks. we're also learning more about the victims. the bride celebrating with her friends. the bodies of michelle estrara, jenny, and anna along with a fifth unidentified woman were all found trapped inside the burned out car. and we're also learning who survived. jasmin is in serious condition at valley medical center. mary grace and anelia both released. a fourth woman, amalia remains in critical condition at valley medical center. and that is where sue is tonight to start our coverage. sue. >> reporter: that's right. you know, tonight their coworker and friend, jenny died on saturday night in that limo fight. tonight she is being remem
>>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >>> i'm trying to get the door open and can't. it's a torture chamber. >> tonight, as the three women who escaped that torture chamber finally return home, the question everyone is asking, how were they kept hidden for so long? >> adding insult to injury. how much it will cost to replace the bay area politician who admits he ripped you off. >> and the bay bridge isn't the only one with problems. how a simple fix on the golden gate went so wrong. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. the three women found are back with their families. and three brothers are behind bars. cbs reporter is outside that house in cleveland now. >> liz, right behind me is the house where the three women were found. investigate tores investigators have been gathering evidence and we have spoken to neighbors on the street that say they have felt everything from shock and disbelief that this happened to jubilation that the women were found alive. >> fbi investigators removed items from this cleveland home tuesday, the day after three women who had
on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is on treasure island with more on the plan, the costs and, of course, that question, anne: will the bridge open on time? >> reporter: well, that is what a lot of people are wondering about. will this bring open on labor day weekend? no commitments right now from people who are in charge of the bridge. but it's looking pretty decent. here's what the mtc has to say about it. >> caltrans is working with a contractor to make sure that this retrofit can be completed by labor day. we do not have an estimated time yet. this is in the negotiation process. >> reporter: engineers have recommended this design for the bay bridge fix, a saddle on the east pier where 32 giant bolts, or rods, snapped after being title ended into place. it will cost $15 million. the broken bolts weakened by hydrogen will be left in the structure. >> we are not taking them out. there's no point. we may cause more damage to the concrete trying to get them out. >> reporter: the goal is still to open the bridge as soon as it's safely possible because
an impact already. kpix 5 kristin ayers is like night and day. >> reporter: that's right. the bottom line is that the new chief is taking the helm at a full-time when oakland has the highest numbers of robberies and burglaries in the country and this new report that comes out saying oakland police are simply not doing enough to investigate burglaries. >> he always comes 3:00 to 4:00 in the morning. >> reporter: she calls hersel sol, an employee. >> no one touches the cafe, it's sacred. >> reporter: but things are changing here and she has the proof. pictures of a man with a gun around his neck, ordering a cashier at the cafe to give him money. >> here is this guy that is our serial burglar. >> reporter: video after video of a brazen burglary breaking in -- burglar breaking in four times this year loading food and liquor into boxes. >> he's so comfortable and knowing that the police are not coming. >> reporter: in a city that saw 13,000 burglaries last year, this is becoming routine. kpix 5 obtained a 38-page report offered by the former new york police commission on the oakland police dep
to say the least. but many oaklanders tell kpix 5's da lin they weren't necessarily surprised. >> that's a big issue. >> reporter: neighbors attending this crime prevention workshop near lake merritt were shocked to hear of chief jordan's abrupt resignation. do you have any reaction -- >> politics. >> politics, she said. >> reporter: they blame politics for his departure. >> he has had it. too much interference from the outside. he is not the boss. and if you are going to be the chief, you're supposed to be the boss. >> reporter: they worry crime will spike even more, that any progress made will exit with the police chief. >> don't we have enough problems in oakland already to create new problems? now we have to go through the process of trying to get another chief >> you know what they say, too many cooks definitely spoil the soup. >> reporter: bob jackson and his church partnered with chief jordan to fight crime in east oakland. he said it had to be frustrating for the chief to satisfy the mayor, the consultants, a federal judge and the compliance director. >> there is a takeover whe
house of horror.. where 3 w were held captive for years. . >>> this is kpix 5 news. >>> tonight for the first time ever; we're getting a peek inside the house of horror where three women were held captive for years. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. the daly mail got ahold of these photos from inside that house. that's one of the suspects, ariel castro with an exgirlfriend. you can see the padlock on the basement door. castro's son tells the daly mail his father was extremely secretive and wouldn't let him go in certain rooms when he wasn't there. cbs reporter is inside -- outside that house rather and in cleveland right now. inez. >> ken, investigators have been going in and out of that house throughout the entire day, and they will continue their investigation here tomorrow, and we have spoken to so many neighbors along this street who have felt everything from disbelief and shock to the -- that this could have happened to jubilation that the girls were found alive. >> late today, fbi evidence teams we moved bags and boxes of items from the rundown house wh
get its pool back. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good evening, everybody. right now, at this hour, at this moment, we're seeing significant changes in our weather pattern. the areas that are affected as the news continues right here on kpix 5. you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. 50. 44:00 "... together the best >>> the mayor of san francisco is weighing in on the strong possibility the bay area will host "super bowl l." >> we're going to put together the best package possible and not let up in any way to make sure that we land the super bowl that's going to benefit the whole bay area. >> florida lawmakers effectively killed miami's chances yesterday. it is estimated hosting the super bowl in 2016 would inject up to $500 m
>>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. cooler temperatures and high humidity helping firefighters gain control of the massive wild fire down south. that as a new fire starts doubling in size in just hours. good evening, i'm anette. several fires are burning throughout california, including a new fire in river side county. this is about 90 miles east of los angeles. it burned more than 600 acres near the city of banning. since it started around noon today. the 400 firefighters working on it have it 20% surrounded. just west of that, cooler weather is helping fire crews battle the spring fire. it ravaged 28,000 acres before crews got a handle on it. jonathan has the latest from venture ray county. >> a d.c. fire tanker dumped more than 10,000 gallons of fire retardant. the flames consumed 650-acres of steep terrain in just a few hours. and by wind gusts of more than 25 miles per hour. more than 400 firefighters are battling to keep the fire from banning. about 130 miles west, nearly 1900 firefighters are taking advantage of the cooldown in weather. digging into rugged terrain. digging a
mateo bridge. the question now, how did this happen? kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran just stepped out of a news conference and joins us now from foster city. >> reporter: michelle, chp wrapped up that press conference just a little over an hour ago. we did learn new details about the limo that was supposed to take them to this side of the bridge to a celebration that the women never made it to. >> firefighters work hard every day to help those who call us. but despite our best efforts, our actions could not change the course of events that led to this tragedy. >> reporter: chp says the 1999 lincoln town car limo was considered a chartered party carrier and not regulated by the california highway patrol. >> this particular vehicle is listed with the puc as for carrying eight or fewer passengers. we will be working with members of the puc to determine what specific regulatory mandates are required in this situation. >> reporter: this situation that had nine passengers in the car, that's one over the limit. the san mateo county coroner's office is still looking into the exact cause of de
information about the victims of the fire. kpix 5's ann notarangelo in east oakland at the health center where the women all had a working connection. ann. >> reporter: why, allen. eight of the nine women were connected to this nursing facility either having worked here or currently work here. in fact, one of the nurses lived just across the street. i'm told she is home from the hospital and resting. she lived across the street from the workplace with her husband and young daughter. not long ago she lived in an upstairs unit with neriza fojas the bride who the friends were celebrating when the limousine caught fire. it's been a somber day at fruitvale health center with people with tears in their eyes have been bringing in flowers. the facility confirmed two current employees dead, two injured. although it's not confirmed, it appears jasmine de deguia still works here. they made a statement: >> reporter: the healthcare center also says two former employees died and two are injured. >> i'm thankful that god gave her a second chance to live and all we can do for her right now is just to support
got away. the little thing th t forgot to do... . >>> this is kpix 5 news. >>> tonight the real reason the cleveland women got away. the little thing the suspect forgot to do and how he managed to lure them spoo his house of horror in the first place sxfrments a kpix 5 exclusive tonight. just moments ago, we got our hands on the new plan for solving oakland's crime problems that could put you under surveillance. good evening, i'm ken. >> i'm elizabeth cook. details about the bratten report in just a moment. but first. >> how could you do that? what kind of monster does this. >> we're getting our first look at the man accused of holding three women captive for years. 52-year-old ariel castro has now been charged with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. investigators say that over the past ten years, the three women were allowed outside in the garage just twice. both times in disguise. their only chance to escape came monday night, and tonight we're learning how they did it. a cleveland tv station got ahold of the police report. amanda berry noetszed that castro fo
be popping champagne later tonight. we'll find out. live from santa clara, i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. >> keeping those fingers crossed. all right, ken, thank you. >>> the other big story, new evacuations tonight as flames threaten more neighborhoods in southern california. a wildfire is raging in ventura county. and now dozens of bay area firefighters are on their way to help fight the flames. >> in southern california, fire crews are dealing with some staggering numbers. 90-degree temperatures and 50- mile-per-hour winds. in fact those winds have pushed the 10,000-acre springs fire all the way to the pacific where it's threatening thousands of homes. cbs reporter teresa garcia has the latest from ventura county. >> reporter: good evening. there's been quite a change here tonight. you know, the firefighters were really hoping for a break in the santa ana winds and it happened. but instead of just dying down, they did an about-face shift. you can see in these coastal canyons here, you see hot spots, you see the big flames coming in, what's happening is all ripping and pushing back inl
all of the latest on our web site >>> well, experts say limo fires like the one last night are extremely rare. today we did checking on what it takes to operate a limo service. kpix sue kwon on the common piece of safety equipment limo drivers are not required to carry. >> reporter: this family has been in the limousine service for 20 years and he has been a chauffer for 8. >> i got a text message from someone last night hoping we were not involved. >> reporter: he would not speculate on the cause of saturday night's fire but gives insight into the industry's regulations and safety procedures. >> we train on cpr. basically creating awareness. >> reporter: first, not all limos carry fire extinguishers, they are not required to. >> right in here, located right here. you can snap it out of place pretty much start to use it. one here and one up front by the driver. so, we have both already, any time. >> and your drivers are trained? >> yes. trained on using these and trained on putting out fires, you know, a small fire they know what to do. >> reporter: for maintenance? >>
in the bay area. brian hackney joining us with more in the kpix5 weather center. changes in our forecast too, brian? >> that's right. the good news the extended forecast things will cool down around the bay area but we have fire weather to contend with up in the north bay in the hills of the north bay where winds will be gusting as high as 50 miles an hour between now and 3:00 in the afternoon the winds especially pick up around 10. the sustained winds from 10-25 miles an more but those higher gusts are possible, northeast early directions, very dry directions, humidities with this will be low down to 10-20% so that threat continues and it's very real today through this afternoon, and then something completely different as we head into sunday and the beginning of the week. we'll have the weather forecast with all the change details coming up in a few minutes, ann. >> thanks brian. >>> well get ready to play football. super bowl football possibly here in the bay area. this florida lobbyist reaction we're about to show you says it all. a guy on the left lawmakers fumbled miami's bid for the bi
of one of those victims spoke with kpix 5 this afternoon. john balone says the party was a rare night out for his wife jenny. the mother of their two children. he says he wants to remember jenny for the way she lived her life, not the way it ended. >> things that she's doing for the kids and for me like those things -- those little things that she did every morning. what she did for the kids every morning, feed them, clothes and my daughters' hair before they go to school. it's a great loss for us. >> jenny balon moved here from the philippines about five years ago. her memorial could be held this thursday. >>> and late today, the foster city fire department issued a statement on its response to the limo fire. now, those crews dispatched eastbound two miles later reversing direction at the emergency turnaround point which is east of the high-rise. from there, they had to double back to the fire, which is on the west side of the high-rise. the time from dispatch to arrival on scene, approximately 11 minutes and 50 seconds. we'll have more on the limo tragedy in in a few minutes including t
that the investigators could be looking at. >>> the women in that limo had met through a nursing program in oakland. kpix 5's ann notarangelo explains healthcare companies sponsor nurses to help with their staffing needs. ann. >> reporter: that's right. eight of the nurses involved in the incident came to the u.s. to work at their fruitvale healthcare center as part of the foreign nurses program. and they are part of a long history of filipino nurses working in the state. [ pause ] [ no audio ] >> just go to any hospital, and you know, the chances are that the nurse taking care of you will be a filipino nurse. >> reporter: he is legal counsel for the philippine nurses association northern california. a ucsf study reports one-fifth of the registered nurses in this state are filipino. and he says we shouldn't be surprised. >> the philippines was a colony of the u.s. the educational system in the philippines was based on the u.s. system. >> reporter: by 1940, the u.s. government had set up 17 nursing schools in that country, mostly to serve the filipino population. but many nurses decided to leave. >> they
. the cause is under investigation this morning. the limo driver was the only one who was not injured. kpix 5's don knapp was at valley medical center in san jose where some of the injured were taken. >>> reporter: this is the frightening sight drivers saw as they crossed the san mateo bridge around 10:00 saturday night. but hardly anyone could see the horror going on inside the burning lincoln town car stretch limousine. nine women celebrating the coming marriage of one of their group were trapped as fire ate into the passenger area from the back. five women died inside the limo. the four who just barely made it out alive suffered smoke inhalation and burns. two were taken to stanford hospital, two to valley medical center in san jose. san mateo county coroner. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: among the dead, the bride identified in media reports as [ indiscernible ] a registered nurse from fresno. she was recently married and planning another ceremony in her native philippines next month. one woman was able to escape the fire crawling through the partition. the unhurt driver was able to help some
after all these years hear how three girls, kidna a . >>> this is kpix 5 news. >>> i've been missing for ten years, and i'm here. i'm free now. >> breaking news. alive after all these years. you'll hear how three girls, kidnapped a decade ago, were just rescued, and the three brothers now under arrest. good evening i'm ken and i'm elizabeth cook. we are following this breaking news out of cleveland. tonight detectives are searching the house where cops say the women had been tied up, and it looks like they've been tied up for years. police say the women are physically okay, but from what you're about to see, it seems like they've been through hell. >> the three men, all brothers, have been ayersed. theresa garcia tells us the women were discovered in a house just blocks from where they disappeared. >> help me. i'm amanda blaine. >> do you need police, fire or balance. >> i need police. >> what's going on there. >> i've been kidnapped, and i've bven missing for ten years and i'm here. i'm free now. >> a frantic amanda berry called 911 from a house in cleveland asking police for help.
and the price tag for that fix. kpix 5's ann notarangelo is on treasure island with the big question still up in the air: will it open on time over labor day weekend? ann? >> reporter: bottom line, weigh don't know if it's going to open on time for labor day weekend. it still might. but it's going to cost a bundle to fix these bolts. and for the next few months, all of us are going to be talking about saddles. >>> reporter: >> basically, it goes through into the pier, wraps around and there are many, many, many of these that come down and it hog it is down. >> reporter: caltrans engineer brian more roney demonstrated how the new steel saddles will work. the fix, which is shown in purple on this graphic, will repair the east pier where the giants bolts or rods snapped in march. those 32 bolts which became brittle because of hydrogen exposure will be left alone. >> most of that installation will be really external to the concrete so we are wrapping those elements around the concrete cap. >> reporter: the bay area toll authority learned today the saddles will cost 5 to $10 million which is cheap
to the kpix newsroom. it was carryg 10 people, including the driver and caught fire at 10:00 last night. the driver was driving westbound when he noticed smoke from the back and he pulled over. four were able to escape, five were trapped and died at the scene. >> it appears they were trapped inside and not able to get out. >> not enough doors? >> it's unknown at this time what happened. >> reporter: traffic near the san mateo bridge on highway 92 came to a standstill as the california highway patrol closed all westbound lanes. by 1:45, they reopened one lane and by 4. the 4 surviving passengers were injured and rushed to nearby hospitals to be treated for smoke inhalation and burns. the driver was not hurt the five women who died were in their 30s and the names were not released. >> and this -- do we know where they were going? >> they were traveling from alameda to foster city for a special occasion but we don't know what and it's clear they rented the limo zone for a night of fun and turned into a nightmare. >> and we'll continue to follow all of the developments in that story. >>> a
punted away its chance a short time ago. kpix 5 reporter mark sayre in santa clara where bay area super bowl watchers are waiting for the final whistle. >> reporter: boosters of miami's super bowl bid are counting on a vote of the florida legislature bring taxpayer funds to the table to help renovate miami stadium to compete with the brand-new 49ers stadium. but today the florida legislature killed that plan by adjourning for the year and taking no action. the florida legislature met for the last day of its session and it was high drama in tallahassee as lawmakers considered a bill to help renovate sun life stadium home of the miami dolphins. >> it's the 4th quarter. >> some would say it's the last minute of the game. >> we're on the final drive but, you know, we're not giving up. we're going to try to make that touchdown. >> reporter: former miami dolphins quarterback dan marino was seen behind the scenes at the florida legislature on thursday. it appeared to be a "hail mary" attempt by the dolphins to persuade a vote. they were trying to get $350 million to upgrade sun life stadium wh
was delayed but in a kpix 5 exclusive, reporter da lin got a copy of that report. >>> reporter: here's the summary, a six-page document. now, because the police department is understaffed, the consultants are offering recommendations on how to fight crime more effectively. now, the report also spells out the department's shortcomings that led to the current spike in crime. the report found problems with a number of issues, including csis. the consultants say crime scene investigators often work without direct supervision and are disorganized. there are problems with the digital photo file system. officers rarely use it to find robbery suspects because the system, they say, is extremely slow. when officers do collect fingerprints from burglary scenes, not much happens because officers rarely compare those fingerprints to other prints found at other crime scenes. and the department is too slow to analyze shell casings found at shooting scenes. the report says if this analysis is sped up, then detectives could do a better job connecting the casings to other violent crimes. the consultan
presentation now scheduled for 9:45 this morning. you can see more of the report at our website, >>> now to chief howard jordan's decision to leave the oakland police department. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec joins us live now with more on that. anne. >> reporter: it really was a shocker to members of the force and a lot of politicians here in the city of oakland. the resignation of chief howard jordan. now, here he is when he was being sworn in just a couple of years ago in october of 2011. that is when he started as interim chief. blindsided city officials really with the news yesterday he is retiring altogether because of a medical condition. he says over the past six months, the stress of his job got worse and so did his health. there is some speculation that his resignation may have had something to do with his lack of control over the department. since march, a government- appointed compliance director has basically been running things but jordan says that has nothing to do with it. >> i have to make a choice and the choice i made is to live my life so that can preserv
>>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >> firefighters get a handle on a grass fire in san jose before it burned homes and businesses. new evacuations are ordered in a fire that is raging out of control in southern california. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. firefighters are on the scene making sure that it doesn't flair up. and that is where kpix5 is standing by with a look at how close those flames got to some homes. sharon. >> reporter: 30-acre grass fire is 100% contained and it is at the site, fire crews will work through the night to mop up and bring it under control. no buildings burned. no major injuries. so there is relief tonight because it could have been worse. smoke and flames. the first sign something was wrong. eric rubio and his mother live nearby. they got worried and so did their neighbors. >> we came as soon as we could, but we were scared. >> i just saw the smoke coming out. i was like, wow. >> fire crews attacked the grass fire that broke just after 5:30 tonight near capital expressway south of east ridge mall. firefighters did not or
jose leads to three arrests. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in san jose this morning with more. >> reporter: they were linked to other robberies which is how the officers were able to catch them and now they are all three suspects are in custody but that chase ended here at the intersection of yerba buena and silver creek. the tree, that's where the car was turned over. we have video earlier. at 2 a.m. there was a robbery at a 7- eleven at the intersection of kirk and foxworthy. an armed female suspect walked in with a revolver and stole cash and lottery tickets. now, once this suspect description came out, an officer was reminded of two other robberies, very similar, that happened on april 8th at 7- elevens that match that suspect description. so what that officer did is went to an intersection where the previous -- or that simple suspect had dropped off their car before. that's when they spotted the suspect again and a chase ensued. about 80 miles per hour pursuit ended at yerba buena and silver creek. officers caught the three suspects here. all three are in custody. we're w
armed robberies. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in san jose this morning with more. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. we just learned the name of all three suspects involved in the high-speed chase that ended with a car up a tree. you can see just how badly it was bent. we do know for sure that one of those suspects was involved in an armed robbery and could be linked to two others that happened almost a month ago. san jose police say 22-year-old sharon gonzalez of san jose will be charged with armed robbery. evading police and possession of a stolen vehicle, as well. police say at 2 a.m., gonzalez walked into a 7-eleven at kirk and foxworthy armed with a long-barreled revolver. she stole cash and lottery tickets before getting away. and one officer remembered her suspect description from two others robberies that happened last month, including the distinct weapon she used. that officer used that information and went to the same location he found the getaway car used in those robberies. >> tonight's robbery was also responsible for two previous robberies which occurred a
francisco could be in for a bumpy slow ride this morning. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is at the golden gate bridge with an update on this very messy pavement problem. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, and i have good news on both fronts. it should be a smoother ride hopefully no hazards flying at your windshield, and the traffic should be basically back to normal. definitely different than what we saw during yesterday's morning commute. the problem over the last 24 hours was some paving work that was done overnight monday. the asphalted unraveled because of the way it was set. it was papered so it would be a smoother drive. but that plan backfired. the asphalt began to break up and sent pieces of rock everywhere during yesterday's morning commute. >> the golden gate bridge we had to nice smooth paper but the paper didn't hold up. >> reporter: so then yesterday afternoon bridge officials partially shut down the freeway for a sweeper to clean up the mess. and then a 1,000-foot section of the middle lane near the north tower was closed overnight so it could b repaved. the commute is exp
kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran joins us now with more on the fire. >> reporter: fire investigators are still on scene. you can take a look right now. you can see that san francisco fire boat is just pulling out. earlier they were sifting through the rubble to figure out how this started. san francisco fire got a call around 2574 this morning. fire officials say the owner was on the island when it started around 2:54 this morning and tried to put the fire out with a garden hose. unfortunately, the flames were too much for him. firefighters say they were able to put out the fire within minutes but the biggest challenge was getting aboard the island. >> a fire boat came here and they put it out with some monitors. then they boarded the island and used hand lines to put it out. >> reporter: was anyone here when it happened? >> the owner. >> reporter: did he have any idea how it started? >> no, the fire is still under investigation. >> reporter: forbes island is considered's historic landmark on pier 39. it was originally built in sausalito in 1975 before it moved to san francisco. it
's landmark forbes island restaurant has been badly damaged by fire. it sits between piers 39 and 41. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran joins us live with more on the fire and how the owner risked his life to save his restaurant. cate. >> reporter: san francisco fire tells me they do have a cause at this point. they say it is accidental. we want to show you the damage now that there is a bit of light outside. you can take a look. that front part of the restaurant is completely burned. now, here's some video we took earlier. san francisco fire says they got a call around 2:54 this morning. fire officials tell kpix 5 the owner was on the island when it started and tried to put the fire out with a garden hose. unfortunately, the flames were too much for him. firefighters say they were able to put out the flames within minutes but the biggest challenge was getting aboard the island. >> a fire boat came here. and they put it out with some monitors. then they boarded the island and use hand lines to put it out. >> reporter: was anyone here when this happened? >> yes, the owner. >> reporter: did the o
this morning on our website, >>> a great line today from an oakland resident who wondered out loud, are the bad guys more organized than the cops? that's because oakland has its third police chief in as many days. meet the new boss, deputy chief sean whent now in charge. and he replaces another interim chief who only lasted one day. all this following the retirement of howard jordan. our da lin asked, why is there so much turmoil? >> chief of the oakland police department. >> i do. >> congratulations. >> reporter: with a handshake and signature sean whent became the third police chief in three days. mayor quan said anthony toribio returned to being a captain. sean whent was previously a deputy chief. >> i understand that the suddenness of these changes may cause some speculation that the challenges that we already have may be exacerbated. but in fact the opposite is true. >> reporter: some city officials tell me all these changes prove the compliance director is running the show. a judge appointed compliance director thomas frazier to oversee reforms at opd. some believe that becau
to clipper cove off treasure island just a short time ago. kpix 5's mike sugerman tells us it will now be examined to determine just what went wrong out there today. mike. >> reporter: kenny, a horrible day on the bay. yachting, you don't think of it as a dangerous sport. but america's cup sailing is. this is the biggest sailboat ever to race, a 72-footer, and it looks even bigger when it lies flat on the bay. >> there were about 12 people in the water. most of them were able to get back on the vessel with the exception of one person that was reported missing. >> reporter: that was 36-year- old andrew "bart" simpson, a double olympic medalist for britain now working for the swedish team artemis. he was found 10 minutes later trapped under the boat. think tried on the boat and onshore to revive him. by team members, firefighters and police. they failed. >> i wouldn't consider these extreme conditions. it's fairly windy out here today. i think, you know, anytime there's a sport of any kind, there's risks involved. >> reporter: 15 to 20 knots, one amateur said he would go out in this but
schieffer chats with congressman darrell issa on face the nation here on kpix 5. >>> we have new inquiries have started to learn why safety size bolts snapped while being tightened on the new bay bridge. >> this is a new state senator of concord for another committee. there were question about 192 more now caltrans is trying to check out well over 2000 other bolts. >> did we buy the wrong bolts for this type of structure? >> looking back from today and looking back with hind sight, i think looking at different sort of fasteners might have made since. >> caltran and the u.s. department of transportation is holding a hearing. a panel of experts is looking at another potential problem. reported concrete foundation issues. big question, is the new east band is ready for the next quake. >>> well, it's a game promises to bring hundreds of hellos of dollars to the bay area. the super bowl for 2016. what san francisco's mayor is planning to get that deal through the up rights. >>> kind of surprised it's hanging there on the rack. >> latest trouble with gift cards. while a simple solution is such a
. >>> this is kpix 5 news. >>> california burning, a fierce brush fire breaks out right in the middle of a bay area city. >> i just smelled the smoke come. >> while in shout earn california tonight, a monster wild fire almost the size of san francisco is reyesing towards thousands of homes. good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. it's only mae 3rd, but from the looks of things today, it's going to be a very long summer. we have team coverage tonight beginning with sharon chen in san jose with how close flames got to homes. sharon. >> liz, a 30-acre grass tire is fully contained tonight, and crews are going to be working overnight to bring it under control. we do want to show you how close the fire got to car traffic. we're going to look at video here with flames burning right up the castle expressway. quite a close call there. it's only may 3 rdz, and firefighters already warden us to expect a long and dangerous fire season. this is the kind of fire we don't want to see this early in the year the billowing smoke and dancing flames the first signs something was
the fire danger in the bay area? roberta gonzales has more in the kpix 5 weather center. roberta. >> not only have we had that red flag warning allowed to expire here in the bay area, but across southern california as well you will notice the clouds across the southland there, and watch as we put this map into motion, the formation of the marine layer. that has knocked temperatures back across the los angeles area by 20 degrees. but notice this right here all these cells that have been developing with the clouds over the high sierra. so i fired up our live hi-def doppler radar, and let's go into the north bay because we do have a cell. it's a runaway cell from that system over the mountainous areas of the high sierra. and light rain is now being detected from lakeport all the way to kelseyville and now a few sprinkles in clearlake. we also right now are seeing the weather pattern change. the winds are now whipping up out of the west, gusts to 21 in the dublin area, where the current air temperature is at 87 degrees. we're in the low 60s in san francisco, low 70s in oakland. now,
and robberies stretching across at least 6 counties is behind bars tonight. kpix 5's mark sayre on how the man was finally nabbed. >> reporter: this is the booking photo of 42-year-old dimitri storm after his arrest by berkeley police. but this is how most people have come to know storm over the past six weeks from still photos and security camera video in an alleged crime spree that spanned six counties. here in boulder creek where storm is suspected of stealing several vehicles, residents are very happy about the news. >> they have arrested dimitri storm. >> thank goodness. i'm glad to hear that. >> reporter: julia and other residents say storm's allege crime spree has rattled their quiet community. >> honestly, my own car has been broken into. my boyfriend's sister as car was broken into. a lot of our friends' cars have been broken into. i'm pretty sure it's probably that guy. >> it's good. he seemed a little desperate. people will feel safer now. >> reporter: storm was allegedly trying to break into a car in the berkeley hills when a resident called police and storm initially gave officers
conference later this morning. the limo driver was the only one who was not injured in the accident. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington with the developing news right now from the valley medical center down in san jose. she joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. two of the survivors are here at valley medical center in critical condition. the other two at the icu at stanford hospital. these women were on their way to a bachelorette party when their limo suddenly burst into flames as it was traveling over the san mateo bridge. four were injured. five died, including the bride. this is her picture, 31-year- old neriza fojas. she is a registered nurse from fresno. ten people total including the driver were inside of the limousine saturday night when it burst into flames. nine women in the back were on their way to the bachelorette party in foster city. only four of them were able to escape the flames. five including the bride were trapped and died inside of the limo. she had recently been married and was planning another ceremony for her family in the philippines. a cowork
to be done to fix dozens of broken bolts and repair public concerns about safety. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is at the bridge this morning. anne, what do you know? >> reporter: we have been waiting for today for a very long time. a lot of questions up in the air about what is next for the new span of the bay bridge here behind me. they are going to choose between one of two designs that will basically act as a brace to make up for the 32 bolts that snapped on the east pier back in march. we are also expecting a timetable for that fix and an indication of whether or not it will delay the bridge's opening on labor day weekend. we also might get some answers on the safety of some 200 other similar bolts along the span. they have been testing them now for weeks. >> the tests are in but not all completed. the most important test that's not completed is a simulation of long-term stress. >> reporter: we heard from governor brown yesterday. he does not want people to overreact about the bridge problems. speaking to newspaper reporters he said he doesn't know if it's a setback saying it's pre
into san francisco could be slower than normal again this morning. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is at the golden gate bridge with an update on this messy pavement problem. >> reporter: good morning. you just heard it from elizabeth. the lanes are expected to open around 5:00 this morning. if not 5:00, by 6:00. one lane open on each direction of the golden gate bridge. and we'll see how the new paving is working out. they are doing a new approach, different than over the last 24 hours that caused them problems on the paving work done overnight monday. the asphalt unraveled because of the way it was set. it was papered so that it would be a smoother drive. and then it began to break up and sent pieces of rock everywhere during the morning commute. then yesterday afternoon bridge officials partially shut down the freeway so a sweeper could clean up the mess. >> but it was a roadway hazard. the unraveling asphalt was in chunks. it was flipping up and stinging windshields. it was a hazard. so we had to shut things down and get the cleaning equipment here. >> reporter: so a 1,000-foot
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